My cousin Zach Phillips, an aspiring film maker who currently works as a professional photo/videographer, visted a while back and took some very nice pictures. He is going to come back later this summer and take some more. The pictures that appear on this page are all his.

The photos below were taken by Zach on a visit to the farm in the middle of June

The following two pictures were taken by my mother on Tuesday, May 26. The lamb was about twelve hours old and hadn’t been able to get a drink from his mother yet. He wanted to suckle and his mother was willing to let him; he just couldn’t figure out how to make it work. The window for him to get his ration of colostrum was closing and his energy was waning. I knew all that he needed was a boost, so I bottle fed him a couple of times that evening, and by morning he and his mother had worked it out.



11 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    love, love, love these photos! esp. the one with the pig and also the one with you and your reflection in the puddle — amazing! so glad to see monk is enjoying farm life!

  2. Gina Brady Says:

    These photos are spectacular. With the wealth of information you have included on this site to go along with them, you are a true inspiration to the kind of growth we believe will ultimately repair the nation and the world. Thanks for linking up to us, too. We’ll be by for visit one day soon!

  3. stonybrookfarm Says:


    Thank you for your very nice comment. The photographs were taken by my cousin Zach, a professional photographer.

    Thank you also for putting together the Schoharie Farmer website. I think it is a great idea.

    I am looking forward to meeting you some day.

  4. Cheryl Baitsholts Says:

    Hi Bob, Awsome pics.
    Are those your red broilers in one of the pics? I’ve never done them but the Hatchery in Fort Plain is offering them this year. I am going to try some to see how they turn out. Your girls (sheep) are beautiful. I love the breed, we have 20+ lambs on the ground,only 2 bottle babies so far this year.

  5. stonybrookfarm Says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. My cousin Zach is a great photographer.

    Those are actually my laying hens in the picture, which are Production Reds. I had 100 of them at the time, but I quickly scaled back to 50, and then again to 20, which is where I think I will stay. Washing and packing eggs isn’t for me.

    I just got my NEPPA Hatchery catalog and I was so excited to see the Red Broilers listed that I called them immediately just to tell them how happy I was. I hate the Cornish Cross, so until this coming season, I have been unable to get my chicks from Jill and Ken. I am thrilled to have a local source for Red Broiler chicks. I would love to be able to convince them to start hatching a couple of dual purpose standard bred breeds as well.

    Poultry inputs, especially eggs and chicks, are currently the weakest link in the local farm and food system infrastructure chain. It is currently impossible to raise truly local chickens in any significant numbers.

    The Icelandics are pretty, aren’t they? I will miss looking at them, if I decide to give them up.

    Good luck with the rest of lambing season, and keep in touch.


  6. penelope Says:

    great photos of monk!!! hope you guys are doing well. see you at some point.

  7. minervino Says:

    hi! nice farm and photo

  8. celia lewis Says:

    I am an artist in England working on a book of pig breeds – I need good photos to work from – do you have any of Poland Chinas that I could use – particularly piglets or head shots? Or know anybody who does? Very hard to find anything but sideviews!

    Many thanks

  9. Anonymous Says:

    It is nice to be a farmer

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful farm and a happy wife, nothing better…

  11. puneet Says:

    I am from India. a businessman leading a high stress life and on the verge of a breakdown. I am thinking of winding up everything and giving self subsistence farming a try (having saved enough).
    I just saved your wonderful and detailed blog in my bookmarks for detailed perusal. Thank you very much.

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