Last year I stopped selling whole and half pigs to individuals and just made wholesale sales, but I have come to realize that I miss the personal interactions involved in selling wholes and halves, so I have decided to get back into it.

The pigs will be ready this summer, sometime between June and August.

The price is $3.00/lb (whole or half) hanging weight,* plus processing fees.** I also require a $200 deposit.

If you are interested in purchasing a whole or half Berkshire or Berkshire-Duroc cross pasture-raised pig, please e-mail me at your convenience at
stonybrookfarm518 at g m ail dot com, or call me at
5 one 8 – two zero 7 – 7 1 six 9.

If you have never done this before, the process is pretty straightforward, you place the order and make the deposit. I then drop the pig off at the butcher on a specified date. At that point, the pig is your responsibility. You need to contact the butcher and let him know how you would like the pig cut up, and then you are responsible for picking it up. Either the butcher or I are available to help you decide how you would like the pig cut up, if you are not sure. I use Marlow’s in Howes Cave, about five miles east of Cobleskill.

*The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after it has been skinned and the organs, head, and feet removed. The average hanging weight is 200 lbs. (whole), but can range from 175-240 lbs. The typical yield of cuts for your freezer is about 125-170 lbs.

**Processing fees vary dramatically based on how you have the pig butchered. There are fees for making sausage and smoking, so if you have a lot of sausage made and/or a lot of meat smoked, your fees will be higher. Typical processing fees are $175-$225.