Here are a few pictures of the pigs in the field peas (and triticale). As it turns out, the pigs aren’t all that fond of the triticale, so in the future, I will plant the peas with oats instead, which I know they enjoy.

Rather than turn the pigs into large sections of the peas, we are strip grazing them to reduce the amount of trampling loss. In order to run a section of electronet across the peas, we need to weed whack a path, and as soon as the pigs here the weedwhacker start up, they come running because they’ve learned that the sound of the weedwhacker means a new strip of peas. We’ve been giving them a section every other day. The first day they eat the standing peas. The second day they clean up most of what they trampled.

[Added later: I should note that with the strip grazing, the pigs are wasting a lot of the pea vines, which is a valuable fodder. This morning I went over the strip from two strips ago. I found no peas at all, but quite a heavy mass of vines. Before the pea plants had set peas, the pigs readily consumed the vines. If we delayed the rotation, I suspect they would eat the trampled vines as well. However, we can’t delay the rotation any longer than two days because the pigs need to get around the whole field before the last of the peas become over mature.]